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Even MORE insider selling

Updated: Apr 7

Over the past 2 weeks, we have seen even MORE insider selling.

Last week, the Walton Family - the founders of Walmart - sold $2.6 billion (with a "B") in Walmart stock.

Yesterday, we learned that Tim Cook and three(3) other top officers just sold a total of $40 million in Apple stock. (FWIW, on a strictly technical analysis basis, they sold on the day that Apple stock tagged its' long-term downtrend line. Quite the coincidence {sarcasm} ).

And now, we've learned that both Lululemon and Ulta Beauty had very significant insider sales recently. Immediately following that news, Wall Street issued UPGRADES to Lululemon and Ulta Beauty stock.

What do insiders know, and why is the financial media not warning us about it?

Wall Street is in the business of selling stock. Period. Full stop. You need to stop listening to so-called "analyst's" that issue buy recommendations. It's hazardous to your financial health.

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